One of the peeps who read my blog sent a message to me regarding my comments on the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Her name is Ravina and she was challenged to partake in the challenge.  While she wanted to help, she thought about the water being wasted and how most people take it for granted.  So instead of doing the challenge, she decided to set up a personal donation page to essentially buy water for people who don’t have it.   She was also the first one to donate (obviously).  

So check it out, check out the site.  Water is pretty important, we take it for granted but a lot of people around the world simply don’t have it without help.  The company “charity water” will also match each donation you make for the next week also.  It’s a modest goal she’s trying to meet, let’s help.

Random Teeth Pit Video:  Mjootmn @ The Waiting Room, West End (1st Feb 2013).

Fuck I loved the Mjootmn.  I was saddened when they decided to break up (also slightly proud because they chose one of my events to have their last performance). 

These guys basically played groovy as fuck grunge.  That’s the only way I can think of describing it.  Check it out, they mostly went and reformed as Buttermilk.

Why do people feel that they have to do stupid things to give to charity?? 

Why bother with the extra effort when you can always just donate via the internet or your phone? 

YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO WEAR PANTS! Why would you do something that requires effort when you can sit at home without pants & get better results?

I get the feels it isn’t about charity with most people. They just want to be seen “caring” aka following the newest lame trend.


Today is the first time I cried over a celebrity. Robin Williams bought so much joy to my life growing up.  They’re saying it’s suicide.  While there is no official statement on that, just the possibility hits my heart hard, it’s something very close to me. 

I remember watching an interview he did 10 years ago on one of the late-shows (it was either Conan or Leno, I can’t remember which) and I remember thinking I could see pain in his eyes.  Followed by radiant joy whenever he’d get laughs.   He reminded me of myself… Talking continuously, making stupid jokes (except him being good at it) to cover-up the fact he was dying on the inside, or to search for acceptance from the people around him. 

I remember feeling shaken when thinking this and thinking to myself “nah, you’re just trying to project what you’re feeling onto an idol to relate”.  I don’t know why that memory sticks with me now so much.  I don’t know why I’m mentioning it now. But I can’t get that pained look from his eyes out of my head.  I don’t remember many details from that interview, but the expression in his eyes switching between torture, wanting and 100% joy stuck with me.

All I know is that the world is worse off than it was 24 hours ago and I want to lay in a ball and sleep for the next year.

So my band Anti-Thesis released this last night.  Check it out!  The songs were all recorded live during our “Breaking in the New Guy” tour late last year.  We had so much fun on this tour, it was our first with the new bassist Lachlan.  

We tore around South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales playing to every awesome cunt we could.  We decided to release this because we’ve had delay after delay at getting our 2nd EP done.  *Hopefully* it should be kicking around in October.