Why bother?

Why do people bother existing? It’s just an endless path of disappointment, betrayal and failure.

It doesn’t matter what aspect of life you’re thinking about, it always ends up in one of those 3 categories. Bleh. Zero point.

I can sit here, do nothing at all or attempt to accomplish everything I want, yet the end result will be the same.  What is the point.

Anonymous asked:

Here is my independent opinion on those "asks" you received. Firstly, I'd totally fuck you. You've got that whole 90s grunge-kid look about you (so fucking hot), but I'd never date you. Fuck dating somebody with Aspergers/Autism. I'll fuck you, but I don't date retards (no offence)!

I…… ummmm….. what?  

Anonymous asked:

Im happy you're better. (: this new girl sounds like a great thing for you. I hope the universe stays good to you. Bye David. 😊 -Nonny

Thank you, I appreciate it.  I hope everything is also going amazing for you mrs/miss/mr anon.  You can always feel free to vent this way if you feel the need, I’ll listen :D :)

Friday April 25th @ The Prince of Wales, Nundah. The MolotovAnti-ThesisBaltimore Gun ClubFractal Mind ImplosionDr Peppernickels Orphanarium of Obese Aristocrats $10 Entry, 18+ only. This show is going to be mad as fuck!!! I can’t wait to rock out with these guys and have a mad-as-fuck time.  April 25th people, mark it down.  It’s going to be wild.

Friday April 25th @ The Prince of Wales, Nundah. 

The Molotov
Baltimore Gun Club
Fractal Mind Implosion
Dr Peppernickels Orphanarium of Obese Aristocrats 

$10 Entry, 18+ only. 

This show is going to be mad as fuck!!! I can’t wait to rock out with these guys and have a mad-as-fuck time.  April 25th people, mark it down.  It’s going to be wild.

Random Teeth Pit Video: The Real Eyes live @ EarCandy #3

I was so cut when these guys decided to break up.  Andrew was an amusing frontman, everything musical about these guys was fucking amazing. 

Oh well, that’s life.  This show was mad.  

Filmed by the Teeth Pith @ EarCandy #3, held at the Beetle Bar, Brisbane in June 2013.

Anonymous asked:

How are you doing? It looks like you're a lot better than you were... Just checking in :)

I’m feeling better.  The universe has been nice to me over the last couple of weeks.  It’s surprising.  I spent 7 months happily removing parts of myself and compromising my life to make somebody else happy, thinking it would also make me happy.  The acceptance would mean I was loved, or less of a freak or whatever.  In the end, it just made me feel worse (always feeling like a fuck-up etc).

Now I can be myself and keep myself happy (strangely the new girl actually likes me for who I am, not what they think I can be).  This is a strange thing in my life.  Normally people like my potential or where they think I’m headed, but not who I am.   

It’s a weird change for somebody to just accept me as is.  The emotional effects of this (in regards to self esteem, confidence and pretty much everything else) have been astronomical.  

We’re taking everything slow in the new relationship (ULTRA slow), my previous partner had essentially moved in with me after our 2nd date (and we stayed in each others pockets for the next 7 months).  I’m definitely not allowing that to happen again. 

TL:DR - I’m all smiles, it’s how life should be.  I’m happy it’s back to being that way. Thanks for asking.

Partying for Lachlan’s (Anti-Thesis bassist, Fractal Mind Implosion drummer, Captain Cake drummer) birthday!!  

This was a night of epic consumption.  A fish tank of scotch, beer, rum, cheap-nasty sparkling wine (as pictured) and seven forests worth of marijuana.  The world spins still now (almost 24 hours from the partying), but fuck, it was worth it. 

The first row of pictures are from right near the end of the night, me feeding Lachlan cheap & nasty sparkling wine (while consuming the liquid satan myself).  The next few pictures are of me and my heart boner-creator.  The last photo is of a rather wasted me sitting alone on the same couch :|

I’m sweating booze, I can barely talk and the world is spinning around me… Yet it was totally worth it.  We jammed before, during and the next morning of the party.  SO MUCH FUN AND PAIN.